About Us

Karaburun Peninsula is named as “Windy Mimas” in Homer’s Odysseia.
This wind also visits the Foça, which is the other side of Karaburun Bay and ripens Erkence Olive trees which are next to Foça seashore every November. This wind brings dew drops with it and a miracle happens from dusk till dawn: some Erkence olives become dewy Hurma olives. Hurma olive is the only olive that you can eat from the olive tree as it’s naturally ripe after the wind.
Finally, Erkence and Hurma olives,which are in the same neighbourhood in Foça, give their taste together during oil extraction,and this olive oil has the best taste ever. So, that’s our story…

OUR MISSION is helping organisations to bring the unchanged self of human and the change itself.

OUR VISION is being a familiar name and a trustful partner to organisations around İzmir and Manisa for their PLM Management Consultancy and Foreign Trade Consultancy needs.